Stress, Relationships, Money, Sleep, Fitness, Nutrition, Goals

I’m almost positive I have touched on some areas of your life that may be affecting you each and every day. How can I be
so sure? Well I do know that over 50% of Americans alone are overweight, and I also know that the divorce rate is also 50%.
What about sleep? I think we all can attest to this on some level or another. Let’s not forget nutritionally deficient.
Well how do I know that one? Well besides the combination of the other ailments, our food has been taken from feeding
thousands to billions, making it a multi trillion-dollar business…that’s right TRILLION with a T. You see money has become
the number one driving force to produce food in the world. It is not about food packed with nutrients any more, it’s how much
can I divide this to make the most amount of money possible. We’ll congratulations for the food industry, and the hell with
the rest of us. You know the individuals with Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke….you name it. Now don’t get me wrong
there are other variables here. The air you breath, water you drink, cleanliness, lifestyle choices you make etc. But i believe
it all starts in the food we consume. Take a look at the billboards you see, commercials on television, radio advertisements,
others conversations about that delicious candle wax they just ate. You know the sweet coating on some of our favorite
candies and ice cream. Food has exploded into big business and eating healthy has become incredibly expensive. This makes
it real difficult to start and continue your day in the right way.
Where am i going with this your thinking? Other than pointing out the obvious and bringing to the forefront of your mind
some of the issues you’re struggling with in your life daily. Well i to not only faced some of these struggles but, all of them.
And not just once but multiple times throughout my 38 years. That sounds insane to put it that way. Why do so many of us
go through a bad experience only to do it over and over again. Like the summer of 2000 that you put on a 100 pounds, only
to do it again in 2005 and again in 2010. You get the point! Well I’ll tell you why! Habit! You’ve developed habits that have
been small changes over long periods of time leading to big changes. Just like any habit. You were able to bring all these
ailments into your life through small bad habits, and now you have to change all of it to small good habits.
Now im not going to sell you on some fast fix it, overnight, gimmick. You took baby steps to get to where you are and to
convert these habits to the right ones that last long-term you have to take the same steps in a different direction. Except this
time we want to make these last forever, so you can to be my grandmother zooming around the house at 89 years old.
You see some of the circumstances in our life limit us to be able to perform these task, but the truth is 99% of the time
there’s only one thing standing in the way of achieving all that you’ve ever dreamed of….YOU! That’s right I SAID IT! YOU!
I do insist however you consult with a physician prior to any fitness training, diet changes or any area of my journal
that you may need separate individual care. Some of us will have different limitation in some of these areas. The fact
remains the same though 99% of the reason some won’t achieve greatness is no more than themselves getting in the way.
This is not small potatoes I do know this, motivation and a support system, being around others who want the same
lifestyle. It is very difficult without these. I too have dealt with, and overcome every one of the above.
And not on a small level either.