A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.Stress has several ways to affect your life. When you are stressed, it is harder to sleep because you worry too much on many things. As you wake up, you might suffer from headache. That is why there is the need to live a stress free life.When you eliminated stress in your life, you would enjoy your time more with your family or friends. It will be easier to get a good night rest as you don’t have anything to bother you anymore.You can easily come up with a solution to your daily problems.
You’ll feel like a whole new person as you won’t have to bother dealing with any physical pain. Physical pain is sometime associated with being stressed.
It would be easier for you to lose weight as you won’t be overeating. Some people eat more than their body needs because they feel stressed.When you are living a stress free life, you feel that the world smiles with you all the time. Life gets easier if you had ridden yourself of anything that stresses you.


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